Körber perspectives

Global perspectives on supply chain complexity and performance

As global supply chains become more complex, the number of issues they face continues to grow:

  • Customers are expecting greater selection, quicker shipping, and lower costs
  • Labor is becoming increasingly difficult to retain, and even more difficult to find.
  • Sustainability is top of mind for consumers, businesses and governments, as manufacturing and supply chain become a major target of change
  • Facilities are being pushed to their breaking points, and are seeking ways to quickly improve and adapt to rising expectations
  • Technology is continuing to provide supply chains with more data, but choosing silo-ed technology that doesn't communicate with the entire supply chain network can lead to difficult decision making and disconnects between different sides of the business

To help combat these issues, supply chains need to carefully plan and execute on technologies that help build a strong, end-to-end supply chain network that can help support growth and adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Körber Perspectives aims to help businesses understand these complexities, and provide information that could be key to addressing them in the future.

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Agility and Resilience

Proofing the supply chain against disruption and preparing for the unexpected



Creating supply chain visibility with integrated technology solutions


End User Experience

Preparing your supply chain to meet rising customer demands and expectations


Facility Optimization

Getting the best out of your warehouse through innovative technology



Driving workforce safety, engagement and efficiency in the warehouse



Achieving sustainability goals by taking a holistic approach to warehouse operations


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